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About Cooliter

Cooliter Stainless Steel Products Co. Ltd is an award winning company
when it comes to manufacturing stainless steel beer growler products

Cooliter CO. LTD is comprised of a team of highly skilled, motivated and professional individuals who are experienced in creating great Stainless Steel Beer Products and covering every aspect of the manufacturing process. Our company enlists the help of only the best and most promising experts in this area to ensure that our clients will be able to receive the products as expected.

Our team of technical experts and professional customers support services will make certain that your orders will be completed with pinpoint accuracy and will be delivered on schedule. We, here at Cooliter CO. LTD, continuously research and update our techniques and technology regarding the ever-evolving world of Stainless Steel Products. We use the newest technology in manufacturing our products, to ensure highest level of quality.


What’s inside an Stainless steel beer growler ?

Made of high-grade, Cooliter Stainless Steel Products are made from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel. 18/8 Stainless Steel is Known for its resistance to corrosion and staining, and antibacterial properties. Vacuum Insulation Cooliter Stainless Steel Products have a double-wall that is vacuum sealed. This lack of air caused the exterior wall to be insulated from the interior wall.

Hot drinks will not make the bottle or tumbler uncomfortable to handle and cold drinks will not cause the outside wall to sweat no Internal Liner Because of the high-quality stainless steel, there is no need for a liner. Without a liner, flavors and odor do not linger inside the bottles or tumblers. Without a liner, the bottles and tumblers are easy to clean and less prone to scratching. 100% Recyclable Every Cooliter Stainless Steel Product is designed to last. But should your Bottle or Tumbler reach the end of its life cycle, the stainless steel material can easily be recycle into something new.

Our Stainless Steel Growler Products

GDW-64C Double wall vacuum insulation 64 OZ Screw Cap

G3-64C Type 3 Single wall 64Oz Screw Cap

G3-64S Type 3 Single wall 64Oz Swing Top

G2-32C Type 2 Single wall 32Oz Screw Cap

Our wide range of growlers

GDW-64S Double wall vacuum insulation 64 OZ Swing Top

G2-64S, Type 2, Single wall, 64Oz, Swing Top

G2-32S Type 2 Single wall 32Oz Swing Top


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