5 Reasons Why You Need a Double Wall Beer Growler in Your Life

Aug 06, 2015

Insulated cups and bottles, stainless steel coffee mugs, water jugs—you’ve tried practically just everything you can find in stores, but you still can’t find the perfect container for your daily drinks. Especially if you are on the road all the time or if you are barely at home since you spend most of your day at school or in the office, you would really appreciate your very own double wall beer growler. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d be drinking beer from it, you can keep just about any of your liquid drinks—hot or cold—and keep its temperature perfect for a longer period of time. Here are some reasons why you want a double wall beer growler of your own.


  1. Cold beer all night – Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching that basketball game on TV or perhaps you are watching a movie marathon all, night, and you had to get up every once in a while just to get a bottle of cold beer? The worst part is when you miss a really good shot or a scene just because you decided to go to the refrigerator. Beer with ice isn’t exactly the best way to drink beer, but ice cold beer is awesome. If you have your beer in your very own double wall beer growler, then you can expect to have cold beer all night long! No more taking “ref breaks” in between games or movies as you can be sure that you have enough cold beer to last through the night.
  2. No need for water dispenser – If you happen to be seated in a spot in your office where the water dispenser is placed the farthest, worry no more because you can have enough cold or lukewarm water to last you all day with a double wall beer growler.
  3. Clean and cold water for camping – Campers and hikers would love to have their own double wall beer growler because they can keep water and juices in this container while maintaining its temperature all day long.
  4. Clean and cold beverage while on the road – If you are a frequent traveler or if you simply have to spend hours on the road on your commute to work daily, then you’d love how the double wall beer growler can keep clean and cold drinks for you throughout the day.
  5. Warm coffee anytime of the day – You don’t have to spend your extra money just to get your afternoon dose of coffee from that café across the street. You can have warm and freshly brewed coffee you made from home in your double wall beer growler too!


The double wall beer growler is vacuum insulated and will keep just about any hot or cold beverage in your desired temperature all day long. The best part is that it doesn’t retain taste or odor, which makes it perfect to store just about any of your favorite drinks!