Why You Should Own a Stainless Steel Beer Growler

Aug 02, 2015

A lot of beer drinkers still don’t know what a stainless steel beer growler is. They are missing out on the joys of having one to take draft beer on the go. It is an air-tight jug that lets the user take draft beer from one place to another without losing its quality.


Short History of Beer Growlers

It was said that the growlers were first used in the latter half of the 1800s. During those times, they were metal pails that were utilized to transport beer from a tavern to a customer’s home. There are some people who said that the term referred to the sound that the cover made due to the escaping carbon dioxide.

There are different types of growlers on the market today, but one of the most popular ones is the stainless steel beer growler. It is easy to carry around and will not break when dropping, unlike glass or ceramic growlers. The stainless steel insulates the beer and keeps it cold for a long period of time.

The stainless steel beer growler is perfect when you are going camping or hiking with friends. It is easy to carry and durable, which makes it ideal for transporting beer. It does have its disadvantages. It is hard to see what’s inside that will be hard to see if you are running low, as well as harder to fill.


Benefits of Stainless Steel Beer Growler

With a stainless steel beer growler, you are able to take your favorite beer wherever you go. They come in various shapes and sizes and often have a handle to make it easier for you to carry it. When filled with beer, it is not that heavy. You can easily carry several growlers at a time. And since they are air-tight, the beer remains fresh.

If you live near a local brewery, then you can bring home beer straight from the brewery with the use of a stainless steel beer growler. You will be getting your beer straight from the source. Keep in mind that breweries have rules when it comes to filling up a growler, and there are some that don’t allow you to do so.

Brewers who want to share their brew with friends and family can do so with the use of a stainless steel beer growler. It is a much convenient way of transporting homebrews than bottling them. This is the ideal method for home brewers who prefer kegging their brews. It allows them to transport their homebrew without spoiling its flavor.

Before buying a stainless steel beer growler, it is important to know the regulations in your area. States have different rules and regulations regarding growlers. It is recommended to learn about the requirements before buying one.